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Laser Rust Corrosion Cleaning
Precision Cleaning

Our precision-controlled laser adjusts depth control of the debris removal, so no damage to underlying surface.

Adaptable Cleaning Process

Ability to handle uneven surfaces, hard to reach places and defined tight areas.

Environment green-clean-Work Safe

No toxic chemicals or sand media required. No pollution noise or contamination in the form of dust, sand, water, or acid by-products.

Low cost operation

No media consumables used, we can operate at less cost to the customer, use low power 240V 10Amp or our own power generator and we’re good to go.


Our Operators are certified Laser Safety Level 2 trained to operate safely Onsite indoors or outdoors.

Mobile Go Anywhere

We use BackPack Lasers and Trans-Portable Cleaners to work in contained sites or workshops anywhere, even in (Elevated Work Platforms).

What will Laser Cleaning Remove
Cooking Oils/Grease
Mold Clean
Powder Coat
Heritage Restoration
Composite Ceramics
Organic Corrosion

and much more………

Laser Surface Cleaning and Texturing

Laser cleaning provides a valuable tool in a number of manufacturing applications that require surface or coatings removal. From Rust/paint stripping to aluminium-silicon coating removal, lasers cleaners provide a cost-effective and controlled alternative to conventional processes.  Extremely efficient for Rust and food grease removal plus many more..